Well managed and maintained equipment can result in 20% or more annual cost savings on equipment costs alone. Reliable equipment increases the efficiency of the users. We can help you achieve these savings by establishing good equipment management, maintenance and repair procedures.


Shop Operations:

It takes reliable information to make cost effective equipment management decisions. It starts with good shop information. How much time do your mechanics spend on true mechanical work? What components cause the most problems? That information is the key to a true preventive maintenance program that can lead to monumental savings.


Cost Management:

You cannot manage costs that you don’t know exist. We will help you set up simple and effective cost tracking procedures that will allow you to establish realistic maintenance and equipment purchase budgets. Our procedures are always practical and user friendly with minimum administrative requirements. They are custom tailored for your agency.


Preventive Maintenance:

You will quickly recover the cost of a comprehensive preventive maintenance program. Unexpected equipment breakdowns are a major expense that is frequently ignored. It is also the cause of premature equipment replacement and bad relations between the shop and the users. A comprehensive preventive maintenance plan is more than just regular lubrication and oil changes. It includes all of the manufacturers’ recommendations that are frequently ignored and component replacement based on your history. You benefit from lower repair costs, higher user productivity and customer satisfaction.


Replacement Analysis:

These days, depreciation costs are nearly always greater than repair costs. When is the right time to replace your equipment? If you keep it too long, you will pay a premium in higher repair costs but more importantly, lost productivity. If you replace it too soon, you lose money that could be better used elsewhere. We can and will help you establish an appropriate replacement cycle for all of your equipment.




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