One of the largest investments for any government agency is vehicles and equipment. It is especially true for a road or stress development. Well managed and Maintained Equipment can result in a 20% or more cost savings on equipment costs alone. Improved Efficiency of the users can result in even more savings. We can help you achieve these savings by establishing good fleet management procedures.

Equipment Specifying:

We can provide generic specifications with the right components and options for your equipment. The "Low bid" is not always the best bid, so good specifications are a must. If you choose, we can prepare more selective specifications, analyze the bids, and recommend the best bid. 

Replacement Analysis:

Frequently, depreciation costs are greater than the repair costs. So when is the right time to replace your equipment? If you keep it too long, you pay a premium in high repair costs and lost productivity. If you replace it too soon you waste money that could be used elsewhere. We will help you establish the best replacement cycle for your fleet. We can give you long-range replacement plan for your fleet.

Cost Management:

We will help you set up simple and effective cost tracking procedures. You will be able to establish realistic maintenance and purchase budgets. Our procedures are always practical and user-friendly. they are custom tailored for your agency.

Preventative Maintenance:

The key to long equipment life with few breakdowns is a strong preventative maintenance program. this is more than just your regular lubrication and oil changes. It helps you find and correct possible failures before they happen, you benefit from low repair costs and high user productivity. 

Application Analysis: 

Sometimes the key to success is a simple as having the right equipment. We have practical experience with a great variety of equipment. We can save you time and money by helping you select the right equipment for the job.    




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