As the Principal of Fleet Engineering, let me introduce myself:

Having spent more than 23 years as the Operations Engineer at Spokane County and having consulted for numerous other local and federal agencies I have a good understanding of the need to follow government policies and procedures. Most certainly an important qualification for success! My prior experience was in highway and heavy construction, so I also have a good understanding of quality construction practices.

I worked my way through college as a heavy equipment operator and mechanics helper on construction projects throughout the Pacific Northwest. It gave me a unique and valuable perspective on the world of practical maintenance and construction. My first position after college was as an officer in the USAF where I learned the true meaning of leadership. These are experiences few engineers ever have the opportunity to achieve, and they have been very important throughout my career.

After 4 years as a USAF construction engineer, I joined the private sector and worked in various engineering and construction positions. In 1980, I joined Spokane County as their first Maintenance Engineer and my first challenge was to develop and implement a successful Maintenance Management program. These kinds of programs require organizational culture change and technical implementation. Later, I directed the development and implementation of an equipment management program and a full service pavement management program. In most organizations, there is inherent fear and resistance to change. However we were successful at implementing the programs that provided the important cost saving information with minimum administrative effort.

My introduction to local government was discovering that there were many good people but no one had taken the time to show them better options to do things. As a result, I became heavily involved in training and developed and presented numerous training courses ranging from supervisory training to hands on field training. Over the years, I shared the courses at many of the maintenance conferences in the area and they were always well received. I have a strong commitment to local Government and I want to share my knowledge and expertise with other agencies.

I head up a small and relatively unknown firm that is strong on practical knowledge. Many of the traditional engineering firms offer some of my services. How many of them have the practical expertise? When we submit a proposal and you contract with us, our staff will always be local people, not someone who is in a branch office on the other side of the country.

We are ready, willing and able to be your off-site resource to do the projects for which you do not have time or expertise. Call me for more information or for a free, no obligation on-site visit.

Phil Barto, P.E.