Revenues are shrinking and demands are increasing. The major challenge today is to do more with less. Pavement management systems are another tool to help you manage resources better and easier. In fact, counties in Washington are required by law to use a pavement management system to manage the arterial road system. Pavement management information is the foundation for a good preventive maintenance program. It can help you make the pavements last indefinitely.

It is easy to do good visual ratings for a road system. It is difficult to use the information well. Many agencies are thinking, "Now that we have all of this data, what should we do with it?" We can answer that question for you! We will help you develop a full-service pavement management program. I will enhance maintenance management and construction programming. you can use the information to develop priority lists for all pavement work ranging from crack work and surface sealing to total reconstruction. 

A good Pavement Management System provides for many purposes:

  • Overall condition ratings to inform the political body and justify budgetary needs.
  • Prioritized road ratings for choosing projects for the six-year construction program.
  • Selecting good strategies for rehabilitating and reconstructing pavements.
  • Work lists for current year maintenance and repair programs.
  • Follow-ups cost/benefit analysis for various maintenance and construction strategies. 

Counties are required to do pavement rating and submit a pavement management program. Why not use the information you are gathered?