Good training is the key to everyone's success. There have many advances in road maintenance technology over the last 25 years, nut careful attention to details is required for all of it. Everyone must know, understand and follow the basic procedures. Training is expensive, and many government agencies cannot justify the expense even though savings usually far outweigh that expense. 

We can fulfill your operations and maintenance training needs, whether it is management training or on-site training with your technical staff. 


Crack Filling 

Pothole Patching (do it one time with hot mix or cold mix and it will stay)

Pavement Dig-out and Repair (Permanent repair that will last forever) 

Chip Sealing (Chip sealing as a preventive maintenance treatment or salvage a failed pavement)

Pavement dig-out and replacement (Sometimes pavement failure is a construction/ native material anomaly. Repair it and the problem goes away.)

Pavement Overlays/ Blade Patching (Sometimes you can reinforce a pavement failure and make the problem go away.)

Cold In-place Recycling (Pulverize and mix the bad native material with lime, cement or liquid asphalt and cure the problem permanently at a much lower cost than reconstruction.)


Culvert Installation (Install it right the first time.)

Roadside Ditching ( Establish the right flow line, in-slope and back slope and eliminate many problems.)

Blading Gravel Roads (Most problems occur because of the wrong crown, incorrect super elevation, and poor drainage.)

Basics of Good Compaction (Correct compaction is not just hardness. it is consolidating the material so it will stay in place and shed water.)


Introduction to Management (Surviving first year as a manager)

How to deal with Employees with Bad Attitudes (Every crew has one and they can destroy the crew's moral. Learn how to deal with them!)

How to do an Employee Evaluation (Don't be shy. Tell it like it is!)

Principals for Achieving Higher Productivity (It isn't about speeding or hauling overloads. It is about starting on time, maintaining a steady tempo and ending on time.)

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